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ISAPS Symposium. Patien safety and prevention of complications.

Desde 06.11.2019 hasta 06.11.2019
En madrid

Patient Safety is our main responsibility as physicians and surgeons. Non-ma-leficiency, avoiding harming the patient, is one of the four bioethical principles, altogether with justice, beneficiency and autonomy. The scientific societies have a big task to promote patient safety through education.

ISAPS, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the biggest society in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in earth has set forth Patient Safety as one its main concerns.

Last year in Barcelone we organized the first ISAPS Official Course on Patient Safety and it was a great scientific success. We want to continue this impor-tant educational event and this is the reason to organize this ISAPS Sym-posium just before the AECEP International Meeting. AECEP, the Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, is member of the Global Alliance of ISAPS.

We invite you not to miss this important scientific session, whose main objective is to improve the quality of our care to our patients, enhance our skills and reduce complications.

Programa del Curso


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